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Maven Leather Goods

CLient  Maven Leather Goods  

Models  Emma Thieme, Allie Sasner, Molly Friedland

Casting 88 Clementine, Good to Go Studios 

Art Direction 88 Clementine, Good to Go Studios



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Downeast Magazine


Before my photo shoot with Kristin, I was photographing my leather work with my phone and calling it good. And that's all those shots were: just good. Kristin's photography is transcendent. She took my work and told a story with it, one that I could have never told on my own.

I never thought product photography could invoke so much feeling. Her photos were stormy and dramatic and completely telling of who I am as an artist. Kristin's eye allowed me to see my craftswomanship for what it really is. She elevated my work with just a day of shooting and I gained so much confidence because of it.


I can directly connect the success I've had in the past year to Kristin's photos. Since our shoot, I've been accepted into shows, welcomed into stores and I've been approached by several well-known publications for features.


I asked a couple of my friends to model my designs with me. I was worried the whole thing would be awkward, but it's not even possible with Kristin as your photographer. She is so approachable and a complete blast to be around. Her coaching is minimalist and she's constantly shooting. From the moment we met up, she was professional and ready to work. Everything was a potential photo. And the best shots were the ones that I had no recollection of posing for -- proving that Kristin's genius is seeing the beauty in reality.


There's nothing about Kristin's work that you've seen before. Whether it be for your brand, your wedding or your family, hire Kristin if you're looking for a real artist. Because that's what she is.


Emma Thieme, Maven Leather


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Danielle Rose Byrd

CLient  Danielle Rose Byrd; Sculptor, Carver  

There’s a great balance to the way Kristin approaches her work in intimate settings. She was able to capture my process in a way that felt on one hand as if she were a fly on the wall catching me on any given day, while also being able to step in and give direction to enrich the story being told through the lens.


She skillfully synthesized my suggestions and the demands of an inherently physical carving process to accurately portray not only the how of what I do, but the why.


Danielle Rose Byrd,  Sculptor/Carver



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Mount Desert Island Hospital

CLient  Mount Desert Island Hospital

Featuring  Islesford Dock Restaurant

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