Hi!  I'm Kristin, but most of my friends in Maine call me Tyty (pronounced tie tie). 

I'm from Kentucky, live in Bar Harbor, Maine and have a day job as a gardener. 

I studied photojournalism, among other things, at Western Kentucky University and have been shooting photos and videos of weddings, engagements and the like since 2011.

In recent years, since moving to Maine, I've nurtured my passion for shooting small businesses, which are featured in the local section of my website.  

So, whether you're getting married or selling jewelry or cheese you made or you want headshots for your portfolio before heading to Hollywood, give me a call and I would LOVE to collaborate and catch your natural smile. 

If you want to get together and cook, can tomatoes or make homemade cards, call me too. Because I love making things and hanging out and community events and driving around Maine. 

Most Importantly, if you live anywhere but Maine, or are thinking of traveling for your wedding BRING ME WITH YOU. I love to travel and would love even more to explore your city with you. No pressure, just think about it.